Daily Dutch News 09/12/2013: Healthy Holland

Your Daily Dose of Dutch News (wow! Alliteration!) is brought to you by your friendly neigbourhood Serb – Mateja Matt Vidakovic!

Have you ever noticed how living healthy is a relatively recent invention in human culture? Is this because we’ve only recently become aware of the problems our unhealthy lifestyles create, or is it because of the fact we’ve only recently CREATED these problems with our voodoo technology and Eco-destroying ways?

Whatever the case, I was under the impression that Holland has some of the cleanest air in Europe.  As a matter of fact, after long period of time spent in Holland I would frequently travel to more polluted places and start coughing without being fully aware why. Did you know you can SMELL smog?


It smells like spring lilies and rainbows. In Beijing.
(source: reuters)


This becomes pertinent as researchers at Utrecht University have found that we’re dying of pollution even when we pollute LESS than the European minimum. Scary story? Very much so, because it implies or standards of living are sub-par, even when we set pollution levels and regulations. We are, in effect, content to live unhealthy.

Speaking about living unhealthy, what about food? Should we even go into a (very necessary) tirade about all the processed foods we consume? Maybe not, but how about taking a moment to reflect on the fact that the Dutch food safety authorities need to make visits to certain factories to make sure they are not bloating the meat we eat with water, to make it seem bigger.

They always look so big on the posters. Always.


Living in Holland was supposed to be HEALTHY, damn it! We Europeans have this wonderful tradition of turning towards the USA and saying “well, at least we are not like the Americans, eh?”  but it seems like we have less and less credibility to say these kind of (admittedly short-sighted) things.

So we are breathing in more pollution than we suspect and eating less food and more water. That’s alarming. What’s next – switching one kind of meat with another and hoping we don’t notice? Oh, wait….

Mateja Vidakovic
Matt Vidakovic has a hard time thinking of witty author blurbs. He runs a self-serving rant blog called No One Cares, Matt (noonecaresmatt.blogspot.com). Add him on Facebook or Twitter if you want to check if he is good looking.


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