Does the weed get a pass?

Planning your holiday to Amsterdam? Finally getting around to following up on that dumb plan after watching Harold and Kumar go to white castle?

Not if it is up to the still in place despots of justice in Holland: Opstelten & Teeven.

Teeven contemplates his policies

These gentlemen from the liberal party (liberal meaning hypocrite in this case) cocked up the plan to obligate every coffee shop to initiate a members list, making sure that every Dutchman who wants to get high (for of course, medicinal reasons) has to get his full name and address and all that on a list. This in order to stop drugs tourism coming to our country, just because we Dutch people famously hate other peoples money.

Don’t fancy your name being on a list as a drug user? Jeeh, turns out most people don’t like that thought either. So the plan has failed and coffee shops which were expecting 2000 members now got something like 800 members. And, surprise surprise, drugs runners and dealers are launching a new Dutch golden age! Boy! Nobody saw that one coming! (perhaps Nucky Thompson, but he’s dead by now thank god)

For now the new ‘wietpas’ legislation (loosely translated: ‘weedcard’, but weedpass sounds so much better.) is only enforced in the southern provinces. The rest of the country, including Amsterdam, is set to follow on the 1st of January 2013. Making sure the no foreigner will ever get high in the Netherlands en stuff our economy with their horrible money!

But there is an escape route, although the Dutch liberal party won the most recent elections in September 2012 again, they are forced to form a coalition with the labour party  and this coalition is expected to be presented in a matter of weeks (God, I wish we could just dumbingly elect a president and be done with this). And with almost all major mayors turning against the idea, this new coalition might yet reject the ‘weedpass’ and life can return to ‘normal’ in the Netherlands.

Dutch police officer checking up on his crops


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