Dutch gov considers a smartphone ban for cyclists

Melanie Schultz, the Dutch transport minister, has announced today that she is seriously looking into the possibility of banning people from using their phones while cycling. Only a year ago this ban was considered a no-go since it would be impossible to enforce, or at least that’s what the minister said back then.

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (which is indeed a bit of a posh name for a Dutchie)
Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (which is indeed a bit of a posh name for a Dutchie)

A campaign to discourage cyclists from using their smartphone did not result in the desired effect. Dutch people keep on endangering themselves by calling and whatsapping while on their bikes. Especially with the younger crowd can’t combine cycling and smartphoning at the same time and in 20% of all cycling-accidents under the age of 25 a phone is involved (wait, that’s not that much right?). The cyclists union (“fietsersbond” I love how we have that in Holland) on the other hand still argues for a public campaign instead of a ban, claiming that cyclists won’t care if the proposed ban is not strictly enforced.

They might have a point…

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