It has now been a week and a half since Nsimire Massembo has gone missing and she has still not returned home. Her father has made a plea over Facebook, asking for help with finding the girl.

Nsimire Massembo was last at home in The Hague on Friday 27th July. On this night she spent it at a friends house and was last seen leaving it the following day. She never returned and she was reported missing the day after that (Sunday). Understandably, the family are in pieces and in her fathers Facebook status, he says that they are not sleeping, eating and his other children have just cried themselves to sleep.

Facebook/Baderha Massembo

An Amber Alert has not been issued for Nsimire Massembo, something which her father mentions in his Facebook status. The police have said that the alert is only used in absolute emergencies – if they feel that they are in danger. This is only usually used a couple of times a year, as it loses value. Despite this, they are still looking for her and are asking anybody with any information to come forward. A child is still missing and of course, her family are desperate for her return.

If you have any information at all, please contact the police as soon as you can.


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