4 men found dead yesterday

A rare story in the Netherlands, but yesterday afternoon 4 men were found dead in a business premises in Enschede. It is believed that they have been shot. So far it is unknown exactly why this has happened and an investigation is currently underway.

Dutch News

On Monday night bangs were heard on the street. As we all know, NYE is coming up and people are already setting off fireworks, so nobody thought anything of it and so police were not called. The bangs were actually gun shots.

At around 3pm the next day, according to eyewitnesses a woman was found hysterical outside the building. She was the wife of one of the men, who was renting the building. Police were on scene.

It is believed that the building had a grow shop in it and therefore is likely linked to a drug crime.

We have a previous article about drug crime in the NetherlandsRead it and let us know your thoughts.


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