So the good news is: no more snow or the dreaded CODE RED, so you can just make it to work – no excuses. The bad news is: everything is very slippery, snowy mud everywhere and trains and planes are barely working.

Road users must also take the winter conditions into account once again this morning. Especially on little inland roads and cycle paths it can still be slippery due to freezing of snow and such. The ANWB advises travelers to cut out some extra travel time (or just be late and blame the conditions)

How are the trains doing?

The NS will restart the normal timetable this morning, but that does not mean that all trains are running according to schedule (obviously, that’s normally even a no-go). The NS was busy until deep in the night to get travelers who had been stranded at their final destination, as a result a number of trains are not at the place where they should be this morning. Also hats of to all the men and women working for the NS, we know we complain a lot but you really tried your best these days!


The chaos at Schiphol

Schiphol expects air traffic to return to normal today. However, the snowfall of the past few days must be taken into account of course and travelers must keep an eye on the current travel information. Last night about 1300 camp beds were put down to help stranded travelers. They were all used… Can you imagine how shitty it must be to sleep on a bunk bed at Schiphol? Poor people; hope their flights depart today.

Dry this afternoon

Yesterday, the KNMI code issued red for most of the country due to slipperiness and snowfall. This is now turned into a yellow code for the entire country, which means that there is a chance of some dangerous weather. Especially this morning there can be some rain and snow, this afternoon it will be dry everywhere.

Better enjoy that snow while it’s still out there people!


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