The vaccination debate has been hot in the news this year, after reports of many children falling ill. A new survey by EenVandaag and LINDA shows that seven out of ten Dutch people think that vaccinations should become compulsory.
More than 30,000 people were surveyed about vaccinations, raising a concern and calling for government intervention, reports RTL Nieuws. Seven out of ten people want vaccinations to be made compulsory. 60% of those surveyed said that they had concerns about information that GGD and RIVM provide about vaccinations, something which they say is ‘unclear’.

What else did they find out?

According to RTL Nieuws, 82% think that creches should be allowed to refuse unvaccinated children.

Three-quarters of people think that we should have a ‘vaccination consultation’, like Germany.

55% are in support of cutting child benefit for parents who do not vaccinate their child.

Chickenpox Vaccination in the Netherlands
Source: Pixabay

The government wants more children vaccinated

Concerns about the falling vaccination rate have been occurring for a while. Blokhuis wants to prevent this from happening. According to RTL Nieuws, in January he announced that in fact, they haven’t been falling. In previous years it had. 94% of all 1-year-olds receive the DKTP injection, but the World Health Organisation argues that 95% is a critical level.

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