Fire in Utrecht

Yesterday, a fire broke out in an apartment in Utrecht. An officer went to the scene and was caught in the fire, leading him to have no option but to find another way out. This shocking footage that has been circulating the internet, shows the officer climbing out of a window from the second floor. Thankfully, he survived the fall, but ended up possibly breaking both of his legs in the escape.

On social media, they have been commending the brave officer, and locals who tried to help him. As you can see in the video, somebody climbs up to try and help the officer, who was clearly in a lot of pain. There were reports of locals also helping families out of the burning building. Despite all of this, it’s sadly been confirmed that a body was found in the apartment after the fire – a 70-year-old woman. It is believed that she also had a stab wound, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Feat pic source: Twitter/@exogeen


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