Yesterday it was announced that an employee at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam was infected with coronavirus. Today, staff in Eindhoven,’s-Hertogenbosch and Breda are reported to have been infected as well, according to the NOS. In Eindhoven, it was a nurse from the Catharina Hospital. In Den Bosch, a physician’s assistance was infected at Jeroen Bosch Hospital, and in Breda an employee at the neurology clinic was infected at the Amphia Hospital. 

Den Bosch

The patient in Den Bosch had been in contact with someone infected in Gelderland on Friday and reported flu symptoms on Tuesday. Tests confirmed he was coronavirus-positive yesterday. The patient is currently in home isolation, the patients he had been in contact with in the oncology wing are also in isolation, and his colleagues have been asked to take precaution.


The employee in Eindhoven was likely infected while taking care of a patient who had been diagnosed this Monday. The patient is currently in home isolation, as are all the patients in the department where he or she works, and are currently being tested.


The employee in Breda is also in home isolation and has fortunately not been in contact with patients. Employees working closely with the infected have been sent home for a period of two weeks, and the clinic was cleaned thoroughly.

Yesterday it was reported that there were 15 new contaminations bringing total up to 38, but it’s highly probable that these newly infected patients were not included in the total. The RIVM will provide updates later today.

COVID-19 is now rapidly spreading through the Netherlands, make sure to do your part in order to prevent getting infected.

For more updates on coronavirus, follow DutchReview. 


Feature Image: FaceMePLS/Flickr


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