It seems that the Netherlands has now caught on with ‘doggo days’, as the University in Amsterdam (UvA) is now running cuddle sessions for students.


During exam week, the university library will have a room that students can visit. In this room will be a literal paradise – a room full of puppies that can be cuddled for 15 minutes at a time. Can life get much better than this?

Even the cleaners have cottoned on now! 😉

Alternative pet days?

This is said to relieve stress and by god, I can believe it. However, not everyone is a student and not everyone likes dogs. Brexit is looming and I feel that we need a Brexit kitten day, where we can cry into a ball of fur. Or piggies for programmers. Either way, I feel like we all need a day to cuddle something cute and cry about the stresses in life. Unless you’re like me, who is incredibly allergic to both cats and dogs and that’s probably the most upsetting allergy ever.


Please smother me pups, you’re allowed 

Does it really work though? For those 15 minutes, you’ll be so distracted by heaven, that I’m sure you won’t even notice that you have 18 assignments to complete by the end of the week. Afterwards? You’ll probably go full stress head again until you start your work. The main thing is that the puppies will enjoy all the attention (max 2 hours they can be petted) and you’ll feel much better for it.

If you’re a student in Amsterdam and you feel stressed asf, the puppy room will be open on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October in the afternoon (but please register in advance). I am so jealous!

Have you ever been to a doggy day? And what other ‘days’ would you like to see at your school/workplace? Let us know in the comments!


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