We’ve been talking about the weather a lot recently, but why not? Especially when things are looking this good.

In the next few days we can expect to see max temperatures fluctuate between 20-28 degrees Celsius! Of course, Monday and Tuesday bring chances of rain along, but it’s Holland, what were you really expecting? On the bright side, Friday and Saturday are especially warm, so if you’ve ever wanted to take a nice beach day, now is the time.

screenshot: weerplaza.nl

Make the most of the nice weather!

Ok, so it’s going to be nice weather, but what are you actually supposed to do? Well, good thing you’re here, because we have plenty of suggestions. Maybe just go out and BBQ, or otherwise hit up one Amsterdam’s many urban beaches. Of course, the true Dutch beach is at Scheveningen, so that’s another lovely option for this nice weather.

Let’s not forget about day trips. Holland is such a small country that it’s perfect to take a nice cross-country day trip, to say, Giethoorn. And if the weather does take that classic Dutch turn (by which I mean a downward spiral into torrential rain and unbearable winds), then you can always enjoy a different type of beach experience at Panorama Mesdag.


Meanwhile in Friesland #sunset #freezeland #oudega

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