Let’s face it, normally Lions don’t do a thing when you’re coming to gaze at them in the zoo. They just lie there being majestic and lazy at the same time, and that’s cool – when you’re king you’re going to chill. Except for these lions in the Artis Zoo of Amsterdam when an unsuspecting heron lands near the lions.

There’s somewhat of a happy end (for the lions – when they start cuddling and purring at 1.14), but first we see the brute dynamics of nature in full effect (obviousy, don’t watch this if you’re really sensitive – you know where this is going)

Lions catching herons is not an exception as well, as it seems there are over 400 herons in and around the zoo. So this happens every now and then in Artis:

PS. Lions are great, nature is amazing – but we feel kind of sorry for the heron (obviously) and the lions (such great beasts in such small cages)




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