Put the phone away or you’ll be fined

If you’re caught cycling and you’re on your phone, then you’ll face a fine of €95 from the 1st of July. This does not apply if you are using your phone hands-free, so if you’re on your phone and talking to someone through your earphones, this will not apply.

This ban is to be discussed tomorrow in a cabinet meeting and it is expected that the vote will be in favour of this ban. Many cyclists are using their mobile phones whilst cycling and this is causing accidents as people are not paying attention.

They are many current bans for cyclists including not having a light on your bike = €55 fine, cycling through a red light = €95 and cycling while drunk = €95. To be on your phone while driving = a hefty €240 fine.

What do you think of this new ban? Let us know in the comments!

Cover pic source: Flickr/Patrick Hudepohl


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