If there’s one party that really REALLY works for the right to be free it has to be the PVV right? I mean it’s called the ‘Party for Freedom’. And well, I guess their design of a Freedom-tram says it all.


Yeah, how can any freedom loving person have a problem with that? Well turns out the Rotterdam public transport company RET has a problem with freedom. 

They denied the PVV and Geert Wilders’ request to put these STOP ISLAM banners around the city’s trams. Quoting leftist lies like “We are a public transport company and politically neutral” and that political messages on trams and buses does not suit the RET. Obviously Wilders and other freedom-lovers were quick as hell pointing out that there was another tram once upon a time that had some political message. 

Hmmm, the PVV’ers might be thinking of this one, but to be fair – that one had a message more positively formulated. Anyways, sympathetic message PVV! 






  1. Oh my, that tram is going to be vandalized beyond recognition the moment it enters one of Rotterdams, shall we say more economically challenged, districts.


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