Figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics show us that the majority of Dutch people are satisfied with their life. The Netherlands also came 5th place in the World Happiness Report, showing us that people are pretty damn happy here overall.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 12% of people are neutral, 2% are negative and the remaining 86% are more than satisfied. There were no real differences between men and women in this sample.


People were also asked how they felt about society – 6/10 were optimistic about it, which meant that just over half were satisfied with how society was right now in the Netherlands. They found that younger people were less pessimistic than the older generation.

We all know the classic Dutch stereotype about them moaning about things all the time (but hey, the weather thing can be warranted!), however, it seems that deep down, they’re pretty darn happy with how their life is going overall.

Ever wanted to know the Dutch secret to happiness? 馃槈 Check it out.


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