reports that the number of cancer cases has doubled in 30 years in the Netherlands. This has occurred annually. During the past year, 116,000 Dutch people were told they had cancer. It is still the number one cause of death in the country.

The increase is said to be because of the population growth and because of the ageing population. People are living longer overall, so in general, there are more people alive who are being diagnosed with cancer into their old age.

Most common forms of cancer

Prostate cancer remains the most common in men (12,500 new cases last year) and breast cancer for women (15,000 new cases last year). After this is lung and intestinal cancer. There were 13,000 new cases for women and men combined last year. Skin cancer is also becoming more common, due to the ‘tanning’ culture – laying in the sun for long periods of time and also from using tanning beds frequently. Melanoma was found in 7,000 cases and a cancerous cell 14,000 times.

Tan beds have contributed to the increase of skin cancers

Today is world cancer day

Around 800,000 Dutch people currently either have cancer or have had cancer in the Netherlands. Many people are still suffering, even after being clear of cancer and this is something that World Cancer Day wants to focus on: life during and after cancer.

Overall, education and preventative medicine are key. It’s no secret that in some other European countries, preventative care is miles in front of the Netherlands, with cancer screenings more often and much earlier. But what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


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