What is the Stink Band?

The Stink band (‘stinkbandje’ in Dutch but actually called invi bracelet), is a new concept created by Roel van Der Kamp. It is a bracelet which if tugged on, releases a strong odour. Inside the bracelet contains a scent capsule, which is then activated when the user pulls it. The smell released can be detected a few hundred meters away and is similar to a gas. It is a discrete bracelet which looks like a hair band.

stink band
The looks of this stink band aren’t stinking at least

What is the Stink Band for?

The stink band is for use in unsafe situations and serves as a deterrence for attacks. This is especially in light of the #MeToo campaign, which highlights the worldwide issue involving sexual violence. Roel van der Kamp wanted to bring something to the market which is less aggressive and more discrete than other forms of deterrence, such as pepper spray.

How does the Stink Band work?

Humans are programmed to be disgusted by horrible smells, which in turn leads people to want to get out of the environment where it stinks. This is the main way that the stink band can serve as a deterrence for these attacks. As the smell can travel so far, it also means that anybody in that environment is also warned.

Roel van der Kamp

Van der Kamp and the municipality of Rotterdam created a fragrance that is unusual and not like any smell normal in daily life. It forms a mix of dirty smells, that are non-toxic.

When these bands were distributed to 100 people in Rotterdam they found that people went out more often and therefore felt safer when having these bands to wear.

The Rotterdammer Van der Kamp is currently at the CES innovation fair in Las Vegas. However, he is not the only fellow Dutchie to showcase his invention to the rest of the world. Over 50 Dutch start-ups are currently there today.



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