Another cute story to warm your heart for the day.

A neglected lion that was put up for sale in Iraq, has been bought by the Lion Foundation in the Netherlands. It will be brought here to a shelter in order to live a much happier life. They are hoping that “Simba” can be released back into the wild in the future. He is only 1 and a half years old and has been living in terrible conditions in Iraq, reports RTL Nieuws.

How did this all come about?

Members of the Marechaussee came across the lion being sold on the market. They contacted the Lion Foundation who were willing to help. A crowdfunding campaign was then started to raise money to bring little Simba home.

Better conditions for Simba

Unfortunately, there is still a wait to get Simba to the Netherlands, while paperwork is sorted. This is expected to take several weeks, however, Simba is apparently in the authorities hands in Iraq and is now in a much better shelter.

Hopefully one day Simba will live a normal and happy life in the wild. That’s their aim at least. So, so cute!

Totally not crying, most definitely allergies..


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