If you’re a Disney fan (who isn’t?), this piece of news will make your day. There is about to be a brand new high-speed train from Amsterdam Schiphol/Rotterdam directly to Disneyland Paris!

Yup, you heard it right. This service is provided by Thalys and they even have a special Disneyland train to go with it, to celebrate this new service.

Source: Disneyland Twitter

This train isn’t your regular red Thalys train, but a train with Disney characters printed all over it! This train is to advertise the new route and you will find it at Rotterdam Centraal Station.

You will be able to travel directly from both Amsterdam Schiphol and Rotterdam Centraal Station from the 31st March. The total journey time is around 3 hours and it will be a direct train. *Rushes to their online site to buy tickets ASAP*

Let us know if you’re planning on going and if you’ve bought your tickets yet! Drop it in the comments.



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