Feeling guilty about that large online shopping spree you went on the other day? Well, returning things is about a get a whole lot easier.

You can now return parcels by giving it straight to PostNL. So if one of your shopping orders is being delivered and the postman is at your doorstep, then you can easily return the other by giving it the postman and he will sort it for you. ( Of course, this goes for any kind of parcel that you want to return to the sender, not just those guilty parcels. 馃槈 )

PostNL says that this is the new method is more environmentally friendly. Instead of you jumping in your car to transport it to be delivered, the postman can take it straight to the sorting office to be out for delivery. It saves on costs and emissions.


Interested in returning your parcels this way?

In order to have your parcels returned, they must meet certain conditions – such as the package having a return label provided.

In my experience, the postman doesn’t even make it to my door (apparently I’m never in and he leaves a note in my flat letterbox, even when I actually am). So if you never see your postman, you can forget this new service altogether. 馃槈


Will you be doing this in future? Let us know in the comments.

Cover pic source:聽Loesoe90/Wiki Commons


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