Heaviest Earthquake to date hits Groningen

Groningen was hit around 3 pm by one of the heaviest quakes to date. The quake had a force of 3.4. The epicenter was at ‘t Zandt, KNMI reports. Reports of the quake are coming from many places in Groningen, reports RTV Noord. The quake was also felt in the city of Groningen.

Of course this isn’t anything near the earthquakes people in Japan and such experience, still, these kinds of earthquakes are unreal for the Netherlands.

Gas mining causes these earthquakes in Groningen

It’s easy who’s to blame for this one: the NAM. Years of gas mining in the Groningen province has caused several little earthquakes. Here’s more on the Netherlands dirty gas business in Groningen, and here’s another one on how the government is trying to tighten the gas tap.

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