Highest economic growth in the Netherlands 10 years

Yesterday I read somewhere that DutchReview only brings you happy and positive news on the Netherlands. Obviously this isn’t true and I wish they were also reading along in 2013 when the Dutch economy was in an abysmal state. Fact is, the Netherlands is doing great at the moment. (except for that housing shortage, that really is getting to be a big issue).

Highest economic growth in the Netherlands 10 years

The Dutch economy has not grown as fast as last year in ten years. Growth in 2017 was 3.1 percent compared to 2016, as is calculated by our statistical wizards at the CBS. The growth in the last three months decreased slightly, but is still solid at 2.9 percent. Investment and exports, in particular, contributed to the Dutch economic growth in the fourth quarter. Households consumed somewhat less stuff, but on the other hand the industry grew stronger.

More economic growth in the Netherlands also means more traffic (pic by Anthony Malefijt)

“The Dutch economy is in good shape”, says Minister Eric Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate. “Economic growth makes it possible for us to be able to meet major societal challenges such as the energy and climate transition and the high costs of healthcare, but we also want Dutch people to notice the growth themselves.” The economies of our neighboring countries have also grown strongly. The German economy, our most important trading partner, grew by 2.3 percent. And despite all the rumble from our British friends, their economy also grew by a nice 1,5%.


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