Good news: it’s going to be even cheaper to call other countries that are within the European Union from the Netherlands!

We’re going to save (and the Dutch like it)!

In an EU preliminary agreement, it was agreed that there should be a maximum tariff on calls to another EU country. This means that instead of paying a few euros for only a couple of minutes, you’ll only be paying something like 50 cents – it’s a big change! The rate is currently set at 19 cents per minute (from spring next year). No more being ripped off by your provider! There’s no need to shout when your daughter is on her phone for too long when abroad (and no more terrifying bills).

…or your fellow doggo.


Bad news for us Brits though, who are going to feel the brunt of these when we leave the EU, and this most likely isn’t going to apply to us, seeing as it was an EU preliminary agreement. We’ll taste the sweet taste of cheap phone deals and then it will be taken away from us. *Loud huff*

That’s not all the good news…

Another agreement has been made that countries can force fixed telecom networks to open to competitors. This means that it inevitably will be cheaper for us and will lead us to be able to choose our providers more widely. Ziggo has already been forced to open to competitors, so we’ll see what happens.


Hurrraaah for cheaper technology!

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