Family of 4 found dead in Amsterdam

Family of 4 were found dead in Amsterdam in the early hours of Monday morning. Here is everything we know so far.

Four people were killed in a shooting incident in a home in Amsterdam-Zuid. The victims are a five-year-old girl, two women and a man. The police assume the tragedy is a result of a family drama. The man had possibly killed the two women and the girl and then committed suicide.

The investigation, however, is still ongoing. Forensic investigators are at the scene, and a large part of the street where the incident occurred is closed off.

Veronika Licheva
Veronika Licheva
Living the short girl life in the land of giants. Veronika is a content creator who takes great interest in video, photography, and journalism. Her mission in The Netherlands is to build a vibrant and exciting career, while simultaneously petting as many dogs as possible.


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