Happy New Year! 4 dead and a FIRETORNADO in the Netherlands with NYE

First of all, happy new year all! We at DutchReview took some days off, we’re back at it now – bringing you all the Dutch sauce again in 2019. Now time to have a look at what happened during the infamous NYE celebrations in the Netherlands of last night.

Stabbings and fireworks; 4 dead

In NYE related incidents spread across the country, several victims were killed. In Enschede, Losser, Morra and Rotterdam people were killed and many people were also wounded in stabbings and firework related incidents. In Enschede, a man was killed in an explosion that was probably caused by fireworks. The blast was “gigantic,” say witnesses to the regional newspaper Tubantia.

The man was possibly the second fatal victim by fireworks during the celebration of New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, a fatality also occurred in the Frisian village of Morra. There were also stabbings and shootings in Losser (Overijssel) and Rotterdam, with one of the victims being the Dutch rapper Feis.

All sad news of course and really not the way to start the new year, and really sad for their family and friends. But instead of just sending thoughts and prayers, the Netherlands might want to rethink the way they celebrate the coming of a new year?

Any upside to all these NYE celebrations? Well, I might have missed it because of my slight hangover, but no rioting or big fights. So I guess that’s something good?

FIRETORNADO in Scheveningen

Finally I can write about a FIRETORNADO, or also called a cinder storm in proper English. Apparently these big bonfires in Scheveningen went up in flames exactly as expected; BIG. So big and combined with winds it caused cinders (basically fire) raging throughout big parts of Scheveningen. The place was evacuated and fire engines were everywhere.

Our very own Emma Brown was in Scheveningen and she shot these beauties of the firey apocalypse in Scheveningen, pretty insane stuff.

So what do you think? Just sad incidents and traditions or should the Netherlands really and drastically reform the way the country celebrates NYE? 

Anyways, happy new year all! Let’s make it a good one!

Oh, and you might wanna have a look at our NYE video:

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
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  1. It is very sad and it is not amusement anymore. Yesterday in limburg with friends and a big family with 2 children with 8 years we were in the city awaiting for the fireworks and then before midnight some guys just throw some fireworks in the middle of the crowd and just hit my friend. It was not fun anymore, people just were starring and nobody said a word. For me it was enough I will not pass anymore a new year eve like this. I remember when I was a child to enjoy the fireworks with family and people around very happy… and when I was coming back home my neighbors were doing the same with small children next to it. I found this not fun, dangerous, scary for all… please just stop selling fireworks to the population…


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