Here are the terrorist suspects: tonnes of raw material for bombs found

Yesterday 7 men were prevented from carrying out a terrorist attack on a major event in the Netherlands. Here are 5 of the suspects identified. 

The 1st suspect is Hardi N (34, Arnhem), who was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of leaving for Syria to join the terror group Jabhat al-Nusra. Hardi N has previously been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and only just got custody of his daughter back.

The 2nd and youngest suspect is Amir B (18, Arnhem). His mother is shocked; she always knew he wanted to be “a good believer”, but never suspected that he could be involved in terrorism.

The 3rd and 4th suspects are Nadeem S (26, Arnhem suburb of Vredenburg) and Wail el A (21, Rotterdam – but originally from Arnhem-Zuid), who were both arrested in 2015 at the Syrian border in 2015.

The 5th and final identified suspect – and the one that the Public Prosecution Service know least about – is Morad M (21, Vlaardingen).

The suspects’ homes were raided and 100 kilos of artificial fertilizer were found – possibly for a car bomb – as well as raw materials used in bomb vests. More to come. 


Abbie Neale
Abbie, a writer from the UK, fell in love with the Netherlands when she was three years old. When she’s not spending her free time painting canals or playing the guitar, she’ll be off travelling somewhere (and probably getting lost).


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