Is travelling around the world on your bucket list? Definitely! But there’s always something stopping you: figuring out the logistics, the financial planning involved, and the lack of sustainability that goes with it.

But one Dutchie found a way around it all with his project called Plug Me In! Wiebe Wakker started his journey in an electric car he calls the Blue Bandit, in March 2016 in the Netherlands, and ended it at Sydney’s iconic The Royal Botanic Garden on April 7, 2019.

Plug Me In: What’s it all about?

He started this project with the aim to show that electric cars are a viable alternative to reduce a person’s carbon footprint. He had no money and was completely reliant on the kindness of people. Through his website Plug Me In, people could contribute to his journey by letting him recharge by giving him a meal or a place to sleep, or letting the car recharge.

This way, he finished his journey without having to visit any gas stations, had the opportunity to let the kindness of strangers around the world determine his route to Sydney, and tried to participate in sustainable initiatives in every country he visited.

Calling the project a “road trip with a twist”, Wiebe interacted widely with people, organisations and companies currently trying to work towards a sustainable future in every country that he visited. He has a series of blogs, interviews and reports about food waste, sustainable mobility, preservation of nature to name a few.

Amid concerns of climate change, this well-documented project is a great way to address some of the barriers of switching to Electric Vehicles like availability of chargers, the distance that can be covered, the cost, and so forth. This project showcases what this type of technology is capable of, and how far we can take it.


Combining one’s passion for travel and sustainability is a great way to go on an adventure!聽Do you already have an electric vehicle? Or do you want to buy an electric car too?

There are some things you should take into consideration before doing that – like car insurance, registration, and parking. Of course, there are more things so be sure to do your research! I don’t want to take away all the fun that it will be 馃槈


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