New Climate Change Law in the Netherlands

7 Dutch political parties have come together to make an agreement on a climate change law, that should help to tackle the mounting problems that are associated with climate change. By doing this, they have come up with an ambitious law, which means that by 2050, there will be a 95% reduction in carbon dioxide production, which is crazy good. 100% of electricity production should also be CO2 neutral. This will be a gradual change though, with the target being 49% by 2030.

This is a fantastic step forward for the Netherlands, as they are going to lead the way when it comes to trying to tackle climate change. Especially as many countries have come under fire for not doing enough – or for not doing it quick enough. The Dutch lead the way again! 😉

(but to be fair, the Netherlands were really slow with climate measures in the past)

Over the coming weeks, we will find out what else the government has been putting together. One of these could include higher gas tax.

Sustainable Skyline of the future

That’s not all the Netherlands is doing. Pretty soon we’ll be publishing our amazing new buildings coming to Rotterdam article, which tells you all about the innovative ways that the Dutch are mashing together architecture and sustainability. One of these is the Dutch Windwheel, coming to Rotterdam in 2025. Its circular design means that it’s better for energy production, it’s sustainable, technological and acts as a symbol of climate architecture. Plus of course, it looks awesome. We guess it’s the direction countries are heading if they’re serious about climate change.


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