The American president/bigot-in-chief Donald Trump retweeted a video this morning, showing how someone punches and kick a boy on crutches. The original message was from the British ‘politician’ Jayda Fransen and her caption was: “Muslim migrant beats Dutch boy on crutches.”

The video was originally hosted at the Dutch site Dumpert (which is part of Geenstijpl). It’s no longer there and 
the perpetrator was found and it turned out to be no Muslim or migrant at all – just a good old fashioned Dutch kid being horrible. This was also reported by Geenstijl, and trust me that if it was Muslim that Geenstijl would be the first one to point it out.

That one time Trump mocked a handicapped reporter:

Incidentally, Trump retweeted two other anti-Islam videos of Jayda Fransen this morning, she is vice-chairman of the extreme right-wing British group Britain First. Fransen was arrested in Northern Ireland earlier this month after insulting Muslims in a speech in Belfast. Real classy people Donny.

Anyways America, if you could hurry up and impeach this orange idiot before Christmas? That would be swell, thank you…



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