Here we go again with Brexit…

It appears that Nigel Farage might be joining the masses of ‘remoaners’, ahead of speaking on Channel 5’s ‘The Wright Stuff.’

The ex-UKIP leader (basically the driving force of the anti-immigration campaign), has said that “…I’m reaching the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on EU membership.” This is the first time a huge brexit figure has started to change their stance. Until now, ‘Brexit meant Brexit’ and it would be against the will of the people to ever think of holding another referendum.

He later Tweeted this to his 1.1 million followers:

This is seen to the Brits as the equivelent of Geert Wilders saying he thinks there should be more mosques in the Netherlands, or Trump declaring that walls aren’t necessary and that the Mexican’s are pretty cool.

Farage admits that if another referendum was held, then the vote would go the other way, stalling leaving the EU ‘for at least another generation.’


Farage is known for his infamous ‘we send the EU 350million per week, let’s fund our NHS instead’ red bus, for the brexit LEAVE campaign.

Bad news: despite Nigel Farage’s brexit twist, it’s still going ahead

Unfortunately, the process will still be going ahead as usual. A spokesperson for Theresa May stated that “we will not be having another referendum.”

Negotiations are still taking place, however, there is still no final deal. The definitive future of both British expats and foreign nationals in the UK is still uncertain.

Of course this Farage news is still nice to here from a remain voter living in the Netherlands. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


  1. As a Dutchie in the UK, I would welcome a second referendum especially if the 3 million EU nationals also get a chance to cast their vote.

    It’s annoying that Farage can’t take the ‘whingeing and whining’, especially as we had to endure years and years of him banging the drum of a EU referendum. As far as I’m concerned, we are simply speaking up to make sure our voice is heard in this entire process and that EU nationals maintain their rights Post-Brexit.


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