The Netherlands are Laughing and Crying with Donald Trump on Twitter

Oh, Mr. Trump… How you spice things up, up to a point where we all get sick and have to run to the nearest bathroom, but still! We in the Netherlands really don’t want to care about the US ‘President’ but when things are so f-ed up that we’re also almost in a nuclear war we just have to vent a bit. First the ‘funny’ business:

Did You Recently Travel by Plane? It Was Mr. Trump Who Made Sure You Arrived Safely!

Yep, that’s right. Starting from even before President Trump’s reign the numbers of aviation safety have improved, there have been no fatal crashes by major US carriers since 9/11 and US carriers in general have had no fatalities since 2009. All of which is in a decade previous to Trump, but remember it was Donald who took care of this! Not the ground crews, the flight crews, the airliners, the national and international aviation authorities and countless governments around the globe – you shut your Commie mouth and get on the tarmac next time you fly and kiss it in honor of President Trump, you got that?

Now the crying part:

My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button” – The Art of Diplomacy.

You know what the world really needed the first days into 2018? A Dic-, uh, a “Button Measuring Contest” between President Fruitcake and Kim Jong-Plump. We’re guessing neither men have much to show for a button, but sure we’ll go along with it…

Kim, ever pleasant, used his New Year’s speech to state that he has a button on his desk at all times that will launch nuclear attack upon the world, America in particular, whenever he does so wish. Ironically Kim also had more diplomatic words for South Korea about the North Korean participation in the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics.
He also clarified that North Korea’s nuclear armament is purely for defensive purposes stating: “These weapons will be used only if our security is threatened.”

Instead of picking up on Kim’s statement of “defensive purposes” and assuring that the US, and its Allies, have no interest in North Korea other than their own safety and likewise will never use their nuclear arsenal other than for defensive purposes, Trump took a completely different note. On Twitter no less, because that’s the most presidential media outlet there is:

Nice! That’ll show them! Why seek and create opportunities when you can just stomp all over those mofo’s and f#$%& in their &*$%@# with all their @%$&^#!!!

Again, thank you Mr. President for this glorious moment that is making all of us in Europe warm and blushy. And for as far as Donald’s button being bigger and more powerful, or even working at all, we’ll take Melania’s word for it over his. Then again, Melania would probably quote previous first ladies…

2018 – Year of Reckoning?

Presuming we don’t all die in a nuclear explosion before that time, 2018 will also see Midterm Elections in the US in which all 435(!) seats in the US House of Representatives and 33 of 100 seats in the US Senate will be up for grabs. There will also be 39 other local/state elections about governorships this year. The Mid-Term Elections especially will be of major influence on Trump’s ability to lead, or tarnish, the country – even whether or not he will able to remain president at all.

And with some surprising results of recent elections, such as the total failure of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, there is some hope that the blue of the Democratic Party is regaining some strength – even in deep red states.

It seems that the GOP itself is too chicken to make a difference, it will be up to the American voter to make the difference themselves – or not. The choice is up to America, but since Trump’s policies are affecting the world as a whole, we’d just like to state that we’re about done with living in the real-life incarnation of “Idiocracy”. I mean, living in constant fear of America’s policies is so 2017… Let’s do something new!

Bobby Salomons
Bobby Salomons
Bobby Salomons is an Amsterdam-based published author and movie-blogger holding up too many balls to juggle at once. Suffering from Tortured Artist-syndrome he is left with no choice or hope until eventually breaking through.


  1. Total failure of Roy Moore in Alabama?? The man lost while winning 48.4% of the votes. 72% of white men and 63% of white women in Alabama voted for Roy Moore which is a direct reflection of national voting behavior. Nobody benefits from such superficial Red/Blue commentary and so far there is nothing to celebrate, on the contrary, to date the Democratic Party has neither developed a response nor an alternative to Mr. Trump. All they have been capable of is ensuring he got there in the first place.


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