Turkish Deputy Prime Minister is not welcome in the Netherlands

Really? The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister is not welcome in the Netherlands? Will this ever be fixed? Do we even want to fix these relations with Erdogan then?


The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister was intended to speak in Apeldoorn on the 11th of July about last year’s coup in Turkey. But the Dutch government says ‘no’; it has once again denied the Turks.


Turkey, such a beautiful country with lovely people and a disgusting government. It has been almost one year now since a coup: not the recent military one of 15th of July (which failed), but the coup by Erdogan and his cronies. This one succeeded nicely when they shutdown free media, locked up journalists and parts of the opposition, stole a referendum and, just this week, arrested the chairman of frickin Amnesty International and other human-rights activists.


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister is not welcome in the Netherlands: Turkish-Dutch relations still at an all-time low

It’s only natural that the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Yıldırım Tugrul Turkes, was intending on coming to Apeldoorn to brag about this anniversary to the Turkish government’s ‘Dutch-Turkish’ followers. But hey, turns out that continually calling a country fascist or nazi makes you unwelcome after a while. In a move that almost all of the Dutch support, the Dutch government stated that the Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t welcome in this country because of the ‘tense’ bi-lateral relations right now. Nor any other Turkish government-members, for that matter.


Seen any Turkish sanctions?

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister is not welcome in the Netherlands because of the Turkish riots in Rotterdam this past March. At that time, the whole world was kind of stunned when the Dutch government finally had some guts and denied the Turks. Erdogan and his henchmen threatened with severe sanctions that would cripple the Netherlands, and all those other big words authoritarian figures use. A few months later and guess what? Nothing.

Turns out that Erdogan can’t do anything against the Netherlands without shooting himself in the proverbial foot.


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister is not welcome in the Netherlands
‘Make Turkey in the Netherlands great again’
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