Wilders and Russia – after Russia’s shameful cover-up on their part in the MH17 tragedy you would expect them not to be the biggest friends with Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders.

Think again…

Wilders wants to visit Russia

PVV leader Wilders wants to visit Russia next year to make it clear that not everyone in the Netherlands has an aversion against the Russians. He has already consulted the Russian embassy in The Hague for a travel program as he says in an interview with Elsevier. “Russia is not an enemy and we should not make one of it.” He sees the country of President/Dictator Putin mainly as an ally in the fight against terrorism and mass-immigration. 

Wilders and Russia: ‘we’re all patriots’

Wilders wants to travel to Moscow early next year, for a visit to the Duma, the Russian parliament. “To show that there are also patriots here.” According to him, we can still learn a lot from the Russians when it comes to patriotism.

Elsevier writes that Wilders himself contacted the Russian ambassador to talk about a trip to Russia. A previously planned visit during the elections did not take place, because the law prescribes that weapons are forbidden in Russian polling stations. That meant that Wilders’ security guards could not come in.


Wilders and Russia
Wilders surrounded by police and security guards

Wilders and Russia: fake news?

Minister Ollongren of Home Affairs warned last week for attempts by Russia to influence public opinion in the Netherlands through internet trolling and fake news.

He understands the feeling among the Russians that they feel surrounded by the advancing NATO. “I am a big fan of NATO and the Americans, but here Russia has a point”, says Wilders.

He says he remains critical about Russia. And he will never accept loans from the Russians, as his French ally Le Pen of the Front National does. “No rubles roll through the corridors of the PVV.”


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