It’s 2013. Down with the King!

Okay granted. Down with the King! may be a bit too much. But what also is too much is all this attention for our Richie Rich Royal family.

The King’s song, dreams for the king, king this, king that. The whole country has lost itself in childish and undemocratic rituals in its build up towards Queens day at the 30th of April. It’s almost a taboo to say that the whole shindig doesn’t interest you. Or even worse, you are irritated by the whole charade.
But there is some light shining through the dark clouds of monarchy. Already some members of the  parliament and senate refuse to take the oath of loyalty towards the King. Today a public debate kicked off regarding the future King’s salary, with 850.000 euro’s twice as high as Obama’s paycheck (and without taxes) in times where some Dutch people are shopping for dinner at their local garbage container. And finally an established journalist set up camp against the stupid and undemocratic governmental form that is the monarchy of the Netherlands. In both sensible, eloquent and understandable language, Max Westerman makes his case against the monarchy.

A good thing, if only so that this nation approaches abdication day with a bit of sense and thought.

Wim Lex looking at things (Source: Tjebbe van Tijen / Imaginary Museum Projects' )
Wim Lex looking at things (Source: Tjebbe van Tijen / Imaginary Museum Projects’ )


Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
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