McDonald’s Netherlands is introducing a new ban on plastic straws and lids. Starting in mid-October, guests will receive paper straws and a new folded-edge McFlurry cup.

The company’s new effort is expected to save 17 million plastic lids and 100 million plastic straws per year in the Netherlands. It’s part of a larger sustainability initiative geared toward reducing the use of plastics. By 2025, McDonald’s aims to have all product packaging made from renewable or recycled materials.

Aouatif Tawfik, McDonald’s Netherlands Sustainability Manager, says that the new changes will be implemented next month, reports “Our goal is to eventually switch to an alternative where we no longer have to give a straw at all for soft drinks,” says Tawfik.

McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the Netherlands, with 254 Dutch locations. Each of these locations will be participating in the new measures.

Further plastic reduction

Sustainable alternatives to the other commonly used plastics are currently in development and being tested. “For example, we continue to look at alternative solutions to reduce the use of plastic in our restaurants. In 2021 we will also come up with an alternative to the plastic cutlery and the cup of the Ice Cream Sundae,” says Tawafik.

According to Tawafik, they’re also working on improving Happy Meal packaging, which will no longer include plastic packaging or plastic toys.

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Feature Image: ©McDonald’s


  1. The problem isn’t plastic the problem is disposing of that plastic properly. Plastic, especially non biodegradable, makes excellent landfill when stability is a primary concern. – Whatever material McDonald’s chooses to use in its packaging and serving, will make little difference, if any, when it comes to properly disposing of that packaging.

    Littering is THE problem; be it plastic, paper, metals, and the ubiquitous chewing gum and cigarette butts.


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