Millions of euros have been allocated for counter-terrorism measures at Dutch train stations

Some Dutch train stations have been allocated millions of Euros for counter-terrorism measures. Train stations in the four main cities, plus an additional station will receive the funding.

According to RTL Nieuws, 3.5 million euros have been allocated by the government for counter-terrorism measures at six Dutch train stations – something which will only be a one-off investment. It is unknown what stations have been chosen for this, but what we do know is it includes the four major cities, which is to be expected.

Train station in Rotterdam/ Source: Pixabay/ Skitterphoto

Amsterdam attack

According to RTL Nieuws, the reason for the funding has nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Amsterdam Central Station last summer. This seems like a strange thing to say considering those sorts of attacks are the exact reason why the government want to put more money into helping to preserve our safety at Dutch train stations, so it would be hard to see why there wouldn’t even be a (small) influence there. However, it appears that they’ve said this as it’s not the direct cause of the changes (or it wouldn’t have taken almost a year).

Of course, any other details about this have been kept very quiet or it would be counterproductive. What we do know is that as the threat level in the Netherlands is still 4 out of 5, it’s still high-risk and so measures still need to be put into place, reports RTL Nieuws.

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Emma Brown
Emma Brown
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