Monday! Traffic jams, delays and rain and wind everywhere

Still standing still in some traffic jam somewhere? Well, at least you’re not alone

Because of the rain and wind, there were many accidents on the road this morning. As a result, there was about 850 kilometers worth of pure frustrating traffic jam around 8 o’clock. An hour later the total length of traffic had dropped to about 450 kilometers. It’s not even a record for the year! That was last week with Tuesday morning and 894 kilometers of traffic jam.

Regret moving to the Netherlands now huh? (source: buienradar)

Currently, there are still more traffic jams on the A2 between Amsterdam and Maastricht. The A12 is also busy: between Arnhem and The Hague there are traffic jams in both directions.

Obviously, trains are delayed

There are also problems on the railroad tracks: there are no trains running between Gouda and Woerden due to ongoing construction work. For the same reason, there are also far fewer trains between Utrecht Central and Rotterdam Central and between Utrecht Central and The Hague Central.

Well, good luck out there!

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