Nationwide failure of the Dutch emergency number 112: it’s offline folks!

National failure at KPN: 112 unavailable

The Dutch emergency number 112 is currently unavailable due to a national failure at KPN, (the Dutch telephone company) as NOS reports.

Police in the Netherlands are also unreachable as there is also a telephone failure on 0900-8844 (regular police number) as well as 112.

Reports confirm that people from all over the Netherlands have been unable to make calls with their either their mobile or their landline phones. Police regions have declared the situation a “grip 2” status because of the malfunction.

Reports on what to do are quite imprecise but the Gelderland security region urge citizens to go to the doctor, police station, fire department or hospital in an emergency. The police report that people must send help requests via Twitter, Facebook or the website.

KPN cannot currently report on the cause of the failure and are unable to say how long it will be before the issue is resolved.

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