Daily Dutch News 3/2/2013: On Newsladies, Chihuahuas and Political appointments

BREAKING NEWS!! Our hottest news today is that Merel Westrik, the good-looking presenter of the Dutch news broadcast WNL on the public channel, is changing jobs and will present the (commercial) RTL Nieuws.

Truly this was the news that DutchReview was waiting for to end it’s one-month hiatus of not posting Daily news articles.


You might think nothing is happening in the Netherlands, but the weather is good for a change (not too cold, blue sky and sun(!)), and we are concerned about Chihuahua’s while looking for a new State Secretary for the Ministry of Finance.

Over-bred Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are still a hype in the Netherlands. You know, these cute and tiny dogs with their beady eyes. “Please mum, can I have a Chihuahua? Everybody has one!” Before you know it, you brought one home where the horror begins: sickness and not long after, death. State Secretary of Economic Affairs, Sharon Dijksma, wants this over-breeding to stop. How? By sharpening the rules at health inspections. This will probably scare the scumbags! Go Holland…!

Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Kill it! Kill it with fire!


State Secretary of Finance fail

Want to know what happened to our State Secretary of Finance, Frans Weekers? Well, he is going to be replaced. His answer to questions about not having paid a 100.000 households their allowances for healthcare and rent was: ‘Ja, voorzitter de eh ik-ik-ik-ik moet eh ik-ik-heb-ik heb dat nu even op dit uur dagdagelijks heb ik ehhhh.’ – You don’t have to speak Dutch to (not) understand this sentence.

Failing Frans


The liberal party VVD has her eye on Eric Wiebes, City Council member of Amsterdam, for the position of State Secretary. One of the projects Wiebes is involved with is the Noord-Zuidlijn of the Amsterdam metro system. Let’s hope the Belasting allowances will be paid sooner than it is taking Amsterdam to create the Noord-Zuidlijn.

Danielle De Wit
Danielle De Wit
Danielle de Wit studied International Public Administration in Leiden. Now works at the senate. She's also in love with biological food, her little kitten and cupcakes.


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