Queen Maxima’s Sister found Dead at home

Queeen Maxima’s sister, Inés Zorreguieta, was found dead at her home in Buenos Aires. According to reports, she is suspected of taking her own life. 

Who is Inés Zorreguieta

Inés Zorreguieta is the youngest of the Zorreguieta children. She was the bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding to then Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, as well as the godmother of princess Ariane. Her and Queen Maxima were known to have a very close relationship despite their 13 years age difference, and Inés would frequently visit the Netherlands. According to her friends and family, she was a very artistic person and studied singing, as well as guitar. However, Inés was also known for struggling with mental health and was often a source of concern to her family.

LA ETERNA SOLEDAD DE LA HERMANA FAVORITA DE MÁXIMA | Inés Zorreguieta era la mimada, tanto de su hermana, la reina Máxima de Holanda, como de su padre. La muerte de Jorge Zorreguieta, hace menos de un año, podría haber hecho mella en la psiquis de su hija menor, que durante largo tiempo había sido tratada por su depresión. Este miércoles por la noche fue encontrada muerta en su departamento. Los últimos años de vida Inés fueron agitados: pasó de los esplendores que ofrece la realeza europea, a la que pertenece su hermana, a la soledad absoluta de una clínica psiquiátrica. De la felicidad de ser tía de tres princesas, a la angustia por la muerte de un padre que la adoraba. . . #InesZorreguieta #ReinaMaxima #Holanda #Realeza #Tragedia #MaximaZorreguieta

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Inés Zorreguieta’s death

Earlier today the news broke out that Inés Zorreguieta was discovered dead in her Argentinian apartment after taking her own life at the age of 33. According to the royal house, queen Maxima is currently grieving her sister’s loss. Because of this sudden tragedy, the queen has cancelled her forthcoming engagements. She was scheduled to make a state visit next week to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, however due to the circumstances King Willem-Alexander will carry out the schedule on his own.

If you or anyone close to you is suffering from depression or considering suicide, please do not hesitate to reach out for help.  If you’re in the Netherlands, you can call 0900-0113 or visit the official Dutch suicide prevention website

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