Home News Spotted: The Dutch are testing a weirdly cute robo-dog in Rotterdam Centraal

Spotted: The Dutch are testing a weirdly cute robo-dog in Rotterdam Centraal

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If you happen to be walking through Rotterdam Centraal last Thursday, then you may have seen something strange: a yellow machine walking around on four legs like a dog! 🤖

At the request of the NS, students from TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam have been testing out a programmed dog to perform chores and tasks in and around Rotterdam Centraal, reports AD.

A nice way to get labour without paying staff, right? Well not quite: the robot still costs a whopping €100,000! 💸

The not-so-furry friend was invented by Boston Dynamics who call their creation ‘Spot’. 🐶

Doing jobs that humans can’t

The canine-like robot can do inspection work on tight crawl spaces and on the roof. It can also detect any obstacles or debris on the blind guide strip.

It comes with sensors and a 360-degree camera and gives off an occasional flash of light. It could also be potentially programmed to follow its owner, open doors, etc.

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“We are curious about the possibilities modern technology can offer. This is not to replace human work, but to support it. It remains an interaction” station manager, Marijke Ris, told AD.

*Trump voice* the robots are stealing our jobs! 🤡

What do you think about the NS trialling a robot dog? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature Image: Wirestock/Depositphotos



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