So how dangerous is bicycling in the Netherlands?

“Will I survive this bicycling trip I am about to undertake right now?”

That question must have gone through the heads of many newcomers when they mount the iron horse. Who can blame them? They’re relative newbies in this land of advanced cyclists, and DutchReview wasn’t helping as well with all these articles on how ‘fietsen’ might be fatal and even a smartphone ban for cyclists is in the works just to make it all a bit safer.

Cyclists killed in accidents

Less funny are the cold-as-ice numbers. 2015 Saw 185 cyclists lose their lives in accidents on Dutch roads, 70 of them women and 115 of them men according to the Dutch statistical office. That’s kind of a big discrepancy I think right? Although traffic fatalities have been cut in half over the course of the last 20 years the number of cycling related deaths has been more or less steady at around 180 per year since 2004.

When do accidents happen?

From 12 in the noon and 4:00 pm is apparently the most dangerous time to cycle, since most fatal accidents happen around that time. Of course there are loads of cyclists on the road then, but still, you might expect more accidents to happen in the morning when everybody rushes to get to work or around dinnertime when everybody is cycling back home and it’s getting dark. Also somewhat suprising is the matter that the fewest accidents happen between midnight and 7 in the morning. And just while I though that loads of people were getting wasted because they’re wasted (sorry, couldn’t not make that pun)

September and October are the most dangerous months of the year, no suprises there, loads of people on the road and cycling in the rain makes everything a bit more tricky. Accidents are signifcantly down in the cold months between November and February, people cycle less when it’s cold.

Anyways now you know the answer to “how dangerous is bicycling in the Netherlands? ” Here are some tips to cycle safer! Take care!

Abuzer Van Leeuwen
Abuzer Van Leeuwen
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