Dutch Olympic finalist Yuri van Gelder drinks beer in Rio – banished instantly!

Ah, finally! The story of the cucumber season has arrived in the Netherlands. This morning, the Netherlands were hit hard by the news that Olympic gymnast, medal contender, finalist and notorious cocaine user Yuri van Gelder was sent home by the Dutch Olympic committee after horrible and shocking behavior on his part in Rio. His horrendous crime? Drinking with his girlfriend in Rio a week before the rings finals are to take place. (Move over, Badr!)

The official Dutch statement

“It was a very difficult decision. I find it terrible for Yuri, but this behavior was unacceptable,” Hendriks — Chef de Mission of the Dutch Olympic team — said in the press statement. “Our athletes have an exemplary role and this behavior absolutely does not fit with it. Yuri left us no choice.” According to one guy, called Grootjes, leader of the Dutch delegation — Van Gelder violated core values in his team. This decision was also made keeping in mind “maintaining an optimal performance environment,” Grootjes said.

Van Gelder in better days
Van Gelder in better days

Rock and Ringing

To be fair, if there was ever somebody to be dismissed because of this kind of behavior it was going to be Van Gelder. At 33 years of age, he is kind of old to make his Olympic debut now. Besides a few injuries keeping him away, he was also caught in 2009 using cocaine at the National Championships in Rotterdam and was suspended for a year. In 2010, he was set to make his comeback in the World Cup in the Netherlands, but left the team suddenly due to “medical reasons of a personal nature.” And just like now, back then there were also rumors that he relapsed.

First #lordoftherings Now #lordofthedrinks


Hypocrite Holier Than Thou Holland

There’s this Dutch phrase ‘being the best boy in the class’ (het beste jongetje van de klas), which is usually about the Dutch being the most morally uptight of all nations. It is rooted somewhere in our history of Calvinism and is once again applicable here.

Either Yuri van Gelder has done some horrible stuff which hasn’t been mentioned, or the Dutch Olympic committee is being the best boy in class once again. Damnit, it’s the Olympics, guys! Getting drunk during the Olympics is supposed to be a key national value.

Point in case:

The Dutch royal family drinking beers with Putin at the Sochi #olympics. Back when beers were still okay we guess…

Een foto die is geplaatst door DutchReview (@dutchreview) op


So while Russian athletes piss out pure doping as a daily routine, we send away a medal contender because he got drunk. Well, maybe, just maybe, the sponsors aren’t happy with that kind of behavior?

“Yeah, that could be it, sponsor pressure!”

So who’s the main sponsor of the Dutch during the Olympics? Surely something like the total abstinence league?

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fny3IEqUPRU[/embedyt]

Ah never mind…

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