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A Storm is hitting Holland hard today


Didn’t feel like going out today? You’re probably right. It’s going to be storming today and all traffic is going to be delayed. Also, after this day you’re really going to long for spring to finally start.

Anyways let’s get you updated on today’s weather.

This is the buienradar picture, you should know that site by now:

Orange is no good this time

This morning was the good part, and you probably all got soaked while cycling in the rain so that’s not a good sign. Later this afternoon will hit our flat country, winds of up to 130km per hour are expected. The Dutch weatherinstitute KNMI issued a code Yellow warning, but to be fair they give out these warnings way to easily. It’s especially going to be bad in the coastaprovinces of the Netherlands (you know, where 75% of you live). 


Traffic is going to be bad (you knew it)

This is a no-brainer. Since we’re economically booming the Dutch traffic system is already slipping up faster than the average mid-western teenager, and when there’s any bad weather things are definitely getting worse (look, that A4 next to Leiden is the busiest road in general).

Trains will also be nasty, the NS are doing a preemptive strike and are already cutting half their trains in the busy parts of the country, more delays and cancellations are to be expected when the storm sets through.


Storm is coming people! Snow, wind, doom and rain is coming in!

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Looks like this might be that day you finally want to try that ‘work from home’ thing.




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