Suspect in Utrecht Shooting Arrested

After today’s shooting in Utrecht, that left 3 dead and 5 injured, the police have arrested their prime suspect, Gökmen Tanis. Tanis was identified on footage from the tram where the shooting took place.

Tanis is 37 years old, neighbours that say they know him said they wouldn’t suspect terrorist motivations. Police have not ruled the possibility of terrorism out. The threat level was raised from 4 to 5 (the highest alert level) until 18:00 tonight. Being that Tanis was apprehended, the threat level is again at 4.

Public transport in Utrecht resumes

After the shooting on the tram, all services in Utrecht were suspended. It is with great relief that public transport can keep driving tonight.

The suspect they arrested for the Utrecht shooting

Known as Görkman Tanis, 37 years old, of Turkish heritage. He boarded the tram, shot three people and as people rushed to help the wounded, he began sporadically shooting at them. Several people from his neighborhood claimed he was ‘unstable’ but not a religious fanatic.

A scene in Utrecht today.
Credits: @michadrost – twitter

Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
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