Prepare for extra commuting time tomorrow

As expected, NS is going to be following a modified timetable due to the snowfall that’s expected for us all tomorrow. If you haven’t seen the weather already, check our weather forecast for tomorrow (psst, a code yellow warning has been issued!)

There is expected to be 20% fewer trains overall tomorrow, however, more carriages will be added, to prevent the trains from getting too overcrowded. Expect that if your train usually runs every 10 minutes, it will turn up every 15 and for every 15-minute train, expect it to be every 30 minutes. For anything after that they should run as normal.



KLM is planning on cancelling around 20 flights tomorrow, yet as time goes on there is a possibility that even more will be cancelled. Delays are also expected – so keep checking your flight details continuously tomorrow in case there are any major changes!


The road is expected to get very busy, especially during evening rush hour. Last time we saw traffic jams longer than ever before – so brace yourselves. Do be aware that quieter roads may be slippy, especially later on into the night.

Yay or nee to this weather? Let us know in the comments!


Cover Pic Source: Joost J. Bakker / Wiki 


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