LIVE BLOG: Scooters in Amsterdam Move to the Road Today

Scooters and light mopeds in Amsterdam will have to get off the bicycle path and move to the road today. The change in the cycling regulations also makes clear they want the moped riders to wear helmets on the road. 

This is being done so that the crowded cycle paths in the city are relieved some of the pressure on it. And let’s not forget road safety. 😉

According to the rules, the light moped should not be going faster than 25 kmph, but of course everyone loves the wind in their hair, so they could go up to 50 kmph.

Photo credits: Photocapy/wikicommons

Road Safety? What’s that?

Of course, there’s some people (42,000 to be exact) are not too happy about this. They all signed a petition opposing this new rule because they could be more vulnerable on the roads where the cars go much faster. Dozens of angry people caused some unrest in Amsterdam-West on Saturday, where they drove through the footpaths, and vandalised road signs.

A scooter driver finding their place on the roads

In today’s rush hour, at Overtoom, not everyone is following them. Some of them stay on the bike path, and other on the road and without a helmet. But most of them are following the rules, reports AT5. On Overtoom, not everyoneOn the Overtoom, not everyone seems to adhere to the new rules. Some scooters stay on the bike path, others choose the road again, but without a helmet. Most of them drive neatly with a helmet on the road.

A scooter on the road, marking the change in road laws

Are you driving without a helmet today? Or are you angry about this new rule? Let us know in the comments!



Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
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  1. Yeah!!!!! So happy about this. Now for the rest of the country! Seen awful collisions with pedestrians and cyclists by mopeds and been impacted multiple times with trips ending in the hospital. So happy today!

  2. I am happy about it! Thanks, great article and very relevant. I would love to see the rule expanding to the whole Amsterdam. People on scooters signed the petition because they feel more vulnerable on the road with cars that’s go much faster?! Well, how about cyclists who had to stay on the same path with scooters which are way faster! I wonder if when signing that petition people ever thought about cyclists and pedestrians who every day are in danger because some scooter boys love the wind in their hair.

  3. As both a cyclist and a scooter driver, I’m not angry, however if the intent is to improve biker safety then there are other steps that should be taken and enforced (some of which are already illegal):

    No being on the phone while cycling… people, you’re not all THAT good.

    Ban the use of headphones/plugs while cycling… its illegal to drive with them in, why should it be allowed if you’re cycling/more exposed?

    I know this won’t be popular, but cyclists should wear helmets. There’s a reason they wear them all around the world.

    I’ve been walking, riding my bicycle or been on my scooter where I’ve had to get off the path/swerve because another cyclist was riding no hands, on the phone and drifting or swerving into the passing portion of the lane.

    So if the authorities want to really improve biker safety, the above are simple steps in that direction.

  4. There is a small minority of scooterist who have spoilt it for everyone. The majority of scooterist ride safely, but about one in 10 act like they own the road – beeping their horn, swerving in and out, swearing at people. We all know the demographic – the pizza (and other food) delivery boys seem to be the worst.
    For this reason I am glad that they have been asked to move to the road. It makes it safer for everyone, and probably over time will mean that they are more likely to give their scooters up and pick up a bike. I am concerned that they are being replaced with a new ‘silent killer’ – electrically assisted bikes. At least with the scooterists you could hear them coming. With an electric bike, you can’t.

  5. I would love to see this become more widespread… and I would also love to see it enforced. Of course, if the existing rules were enforced, it would be a marked improvement as well. Too many scooter riders and bicyclists move through the cities with imagined impunity. They are dangerous to themselves, other cyclists and pedestrians and they are the reason auto drivers have to carry such high liability insurance in the Netherlands.


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