Today there were even more train delays as there was a broken overhead line on the track between Weesp and Amsterdam-Zuid. This has caused considerable delays on the main routes through the Randstad. So far it has not been fixed. 

Yup – the damage is pretty extensive and Pro Rail is unsure what has caused it and how long it’s going to take to fix. It was discovered at 6 am, so right before it starts to get busy. Only one track is now available on this busy route. As a result, people are crowding some of the platforms, trains are so full that you can’t get on them and there’s a lot of people frustrated and stressed because they’ve got to get to work.

Checking the NS app as you leave the house

One of the main routes between Schiphol and Leiden was extremely disrupted, with many cancellations and delays. It ended up as a chain effect – where many other routes were then delayed and cancelled as the train lines were being clogged with other delayed trains. In short: it’s a damn mess.


Track work at Leiden

Planned work at Leiden Centraal station has been the cause of concern for most people over the past couple of weeks. It’s caused extensive delays and it’s not gone too smoothly. The DR office is located in Leiden, so with many of us coming from either Rotterdam or Amsterdam, it’s been a nightmare, sometimes taking hours to get into work. Thankfully, this work will be complete on Monday 15th April, but we’ve still got just under a week to go.


Were you stuck in this earlier/now? Or have you had enough of travelling to Leiden? Let us know in the comments!


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