No early trains, a big strike and NS says that you should do a ‘work-from-home-day’

Planning to take any public transport to work on Monday? Well, bad news for most of us. There’s a public transport strike in the early morning, the NS personnel has joined in as well and although the strike is only from 6.00 to 7.06 officially, it’s expected that taking a train will be a miserable experience all day long.

The Dutch Railways have decided to postpone the entire timetable tomorrow until after the short strike in the early morning.

There are no trains from 06:00 to 07.06 due to a pension strike. Normally there will already be some train traffic starting around 05:00, but that will not be the case tomorrow.

The size of the strike is so large that it is better to wait until the strike ends before the NS starts the timetable, says NS spokesperson Erik Kroeze. “We can do it in a controlled and manageable way and it is also clearer for the traveler. We still expect annoyance throughout the day, but it is essential that we start the trains properly”.

Travelers who want to take the train tomorrow after 07.06 are advised by the railways to consult the NS app or the travel planner before departure.

Strike at Schiphol too

At Schiphol, a strike will take place from 12.30 to 13.36 at the check-in, baggage handlers, and security. This can obviously lead to delays. The FNV trade union assumes that passengers will not miss flights if they arrive at Schiphol at the time specified by their airline, but hey, good luck with that.

Warn your fellow international friends who don’t have a clue about these strikes. How are you spending your day tomorrow?

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