Planes, trains and buses: expect delays today!

Transport delays in the Netherlands today

Everyone is escaping the rainy Netherlands in search of a lovely sunny May holiday, and as a result, transport systems and roads are busier than usual. This means that you usually expect everything to be more chaotic. However, that’s made worse by the other factors that we’re going to discuss now. The weather last night definitely did not help the transport systems either!

The thought of having to deal with travel today…

Here’s an update on the delays of today:

Planes – Schiphol airport

You may have seen the news yesterday, or you were one of the unfortunate passengers to be affected, but on Saturday night/Sunday morning Schiphol suffered their first power outage for 1 hour. As a result, it resulted in a domino effect, where flights were then affected throughout the whole of the day, and the airport was pretty chaotic. How is it today you ask? Well it’s almost back to normal. There are still a few delays, but this looks as if it’s clearing up as the day goes on. So if you’re travelling today – you might just have dodged a bullet there.

Buses – strikes

Today and tomorrow is going to cause chaos for commuters in north Holland, as  Connexxion, EBS and Arriva go on strike. This is due to them wanting better terms of employment, within their new collective agreement (basically, better pay). This means that regional buses won’t be running, however city buses and other forms of transport such as trains and trams will be. Luckily for the employees at Schiphol, Connexxion will still be running the service between airport stops, but that’s the only exception. Check your journey planner to see if you’re affected.

2-day strike!

Trains/metro – disruptions

There is quite a lot of the work being done on the lines around the country today, leading to disruptions. On top of this, due to the bus strikes, it means that it will be a lot busier. This is especially true with the metro and trams. So just make sure you take that into consideration when you travel today and tomorrow and keep checking your journey planner for updates!

Keep checking 9292 and/or your flight provider for any updates. Also leave extra time to be on the roads today, as due to the crappy weather and the chaotic transport systems today, some people may just choose to drive instead. We’ll keep you updated! 

Emma Brown
A familiar face at DutchRevew. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. Here she rekindled her love of writing and travelling. Now you'll find her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


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